File Upload Instructions
    To upload a file click on the link above and enter:
    USER NAME: ftpuser
  1. Prepare you print ready file.
  2. Make a duplicate low-res file in either PDF or JPG format.
  3. Click on FTP UPLOAD enter USER NAME: ftpuser PASSWORD:upload
  4. When the Web File Manager dialog box opens, click on Create Folder
  5. Enter your company name as the Folder Name. Click on the Make Folder button then return to the File Listing.
  6. Find your new folder in the listing and click once to open it.
  7. From the menu items on the left, click on Upload Files(s).
  8. From the drop-down menu, select Upload 2 Files.
  9. Click on each of the two Choose File buttons and browse to your print read and low-res files.
  10. Click on the Begin Upload button to complete the process.

Disclaimer: By clicking on the Begin Upload button you are assuming responsibility that the print ready file submitted is complete and has been approved for final production. Colorwave Graphics uses the low-res file only as a visual reference to verify file transfer.


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